Thursday, May 9, 2013

"What Do I Do?!?!?" - George Clooney & Sandra Bullock Face The Open Water Of Space in Gravity

Not quite sure what to think about this one.  It's been in development for what seems like eons, and now that we've finally gotten a look I'm a little underwhelmed.  But it's only a teaser.  I'm a big fan of Cuaron's Children of Men (especially from the craft standpoint), his Y Tu Mama Tambien spiced up my college days, and his Harry Potter is the only flick in the franchise really worth it's salt.  And I love me some George Clooney.  My heart goes pitter patter whenever he crosses my screen, especially when genre gets involved.  But Sandra Bullock?  Outside of Demolition Man & Speed, I don't have much use for her.  I'm curious to see what Cuaron & his two leads can do with the ocean of space - I get an Open Water vibe, that's a flick that certainly offered some intensity but it's also a movie that didn't settle with my cinema core.  I'm certainly gonna check it out, but I'm not yet excited.

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