Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dork Art: Sam Peckinpah's Superman & Friends

While stumbling around the internet looking for info on Sam Peckinpah, I ran into this rather amazing Superman poster from the Fringe universe - the deviant artist is AtomTastic and he must be a good friend of Walter Bishop.  Sometimes I really wish I could visit that mirror world, a universe in which Kris Kristofferson's Supes went up against the diabolical Robert Duval.  A true clash of titans.  And after I got finished that obvious masterpiece I could devour the sweaty filth of William Friedkin's Drive.  Just as violent as Nicholas Winding Refn, but soaked in a boozy grime.  A nasty, five o'clock cinematic atrocity.  Oh photoshop, you are a wonderful tool of fandom.

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