Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"I Can End Your Eternity!" - Hugh Jackman Looses His Cool in new Wolverine trailer

I'm a James Mangold fan.  Cop Land is genuinely great, I really enjoyed his 3:10 To Yuma remake, and I have a serious weirdo crush on Knight and Day.  He might not have sprung to my mind when he was announced as the director for The Wolverine, but suddenly I had hopes for a character that's never been treated properly in the movies (and rarely in the comics).  Watching the below trailer I can say that there are a couple of images I dig, but the general idea stolen from Superman II of sadsack Logan loosing his healing factor bums me out.  No one want to see a "normal" Wolverine and I certainly don't want to see the predictable shenanigans this manufactured drama is going to put his character through.  The Silver Samurai is certainly a good foe to spar against, but what's with his transformer movements?  Hmmmmm....I can feel the gripes coming.  And I hate that.  I feel like Star Trek Into Darkness has put me in a grumpy hater mood.  Need to shake that shit off right now.  So I'm gonna plop down my dollars and hope for the best, but I'm also not holding my breath - it's gotta be better than Origins, right?


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