Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"You Will Be The Last!" - The Hugo Kid is a New Kind of Solider in this first Ender's Game Trailer

I've never read the book.  I have met Orson Scott Card for about ten minutes of my life; he was a nice enough man despite his insane morals & opinions.  So I'm not one of those kids freaking out about Hollywood's latest adaptation.  But like Matt, I'm always rooting for big sci-fi movies.  Fingers crossed on this one.  Can't really say the trailer grabs me.  Ben Kingsley & Harrison Ford cashing their supporting role check.  As much as I loved Martin Scorsese's Hugo, I can't say that Asa Butterfield gave an amazing performance and it looks like he'll have even more greenscreen to act against.  I did really appreciate Hailee Steinfeld in the Coen's True Grit, and hopefully they'll pair well.  The director is Gavin Hood, the man who helmed the abomination known as X-Men Origins - Wolverine.  One of the absolute worst comic book movies to ever seer my vision.  I'd watch Ghost Rider 1 a hundred times before I pained myself with that flop again.  So...that's troubling.

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