Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Release Tuesday!!! (5/28/13)

Yes.  Doctor Who comes out this week.  I don't care.  I'm not Matt.  I'm Brad.  This week is all about William Devane & Tommy Lee Jones tearing up whore houses and killing thugs with hook hands.  That's right folks, after years of anticipation, Rolling Thunder is finally coming to blu ray.  Quit the human sacrifices.  Your good work is done.


Rolling Thunder:  William Devane (POTUS from GI Joe Retaliation!) returns home from a Hanoi Hotel only to discover that his lady has fallen for another man.  If that wasn't bad enough, a gang of street thugs invades his home, steals his homecoming loot, drops his mitt down a garbage disposal, and gun downs his son.  Devane crawls from the brink of death, recruits the aid of 'Nam buddy Tommy Lee Jones, and the two men go on a kill crazy rampage ten time more brutal & painful than anything witnessed in Death Wish or the various Punishers.  Rolling Thunder should be a classic of 70s exploitation but for whatever reason it never struck a chord with audiences.  Quentin Tarantino went a long way in promoting it's grimy genius during those early days of Pulp Fiction success, but it still took far too long for Shout Factory to give it the proper Special Edition treatment.  Unfortuatelyt, retail chains being what they are these days, good luck finding it on the shelves.  Order it.  Wait for it.  And be happy when it arrives.  Rolling Thunder is easily my most anticpated release of the month.


Shoot First, Die Later:  Haven't seen this one yet, but I'm gonna snag it based solely on Fernando Di Leo's Live Like A Cop Die Like A Man, a superbly trashy crime story set in & around Rome in which good cops and bad cops commit horrible acts of depravity.  The man makes beastly violent movies that will upset your delicate senses.  This one looks to be equally amoral.  Bring it.


Dark Skies:  It's Poltergeist!  It's X-Files!  It's utter crap!  Keri Russell and some no name husband defend their home from flocks of birds and kiddie touching aliens.  A whole bunch of slamming doors and other loud noises.  Plus, JK Simmons!  Ok.  That's a good thing.  Other than that.  I don't care.  Neither should you.


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