Friday, May 24, 2013

Introducing Carlos Estevez!

Yes!  The first film introduced Don Johnson to the world, and now Machete Kills will bring us Carlos Estevez!  For the first time in his career Charlie Sheen will be billed by his birth name.  It's so dang silly, but I love it.  The first Machete film was not great cinema, it was barely a great B Movie, but at it's very least Machete was a fun night out for the MST3K crowd.  I've kind of given up on Robert Rodriguez at this point.  His obsession with DIY filmmaking has resulted in a batch of cheap looking films with mediocre to poor scripts.  Where is the guy who brought us Desperado & From Dusk Till Dawn.  Balls to the wall action that elevated the violence to 70s Grindhouse absurdity?  He's got the absurdity down, sure, but I miss the bang and the buck.


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