Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Werner Herzog: The Text Can Wait

I've been thinking a lot about Herzog lately.  His Jack Reacher appearance.  That death row documentary, Into the Abyss.  I'm gearing up to finally witness Aguirre.   I know Matt just watched his Nosferatu & was raving about it on the way to The Alamo's Enter The Dragon screening.  While we were driving some guy in the car next to us swerved in our direction, and careened back on to his side of the road.  Matt commented that the asshole was texting & driving - a favorite hate rant of Matt's....and with good reason.  Anyway, it's strange to encounter this PSA on the web today.  AT&T and Werner Herzog have partnered up for this brief, but extremely moving commercial condeming the absurdity & horror of text/driving.  I hope the careless ones out there pay attention.  Your actions have consequences.


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