Monday, July 11, 2011

Parker: Chiklis Cast As Villain!

Deadline is reporting that The Shield/Fantastic Four/The Commish star Michael Chiklis has been cast as "the villain" in Taylor Hackford's upcoming Parker film based on the brilliant series by Richard Stark.  Chiklis can definitely do scary and I can easily see him going up against Jason Statham's Parker.  But I still want to know what this movie is going to be; another adaptation of The Hunter?  Is it Flashfire like once rumored?  Or something wholly original; just stealing Stark's character?  Taylor Hackford is still the x-factor.  I don't like him as choice of director.  And the rumors of Jennifer Lopez joining the cast have me fearing the worst.    I so want this to be the start of some demented franchise, but the chances of that are extremely unlikely.  Plus, let's not get ahead of ourselves Brad, let's have one decent Parker film first.


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