Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fistful of America! (Matt’s Picks)

    With the release of this week’s Captain America, we at In the Mouth of Dorkness got to thinking about how awesome and in-your-face America (!) can be.  Kind of like a Michael Bay movie, we’ve got some good actors and lots of explosions, but sometimes the script is weak.  Anyway, if our movies say anything, we’re pretty cool and we’ll keep coming back. 

5.  Chuck Yeager’s Fiery Crash (The Right Stuff):  Oh, sure, those boys might be breaking out into space (a nice chunk of America, right there), but Yeager ain’t gonna play by nobody’s rules.  He hops in a plane and does his thing.  And no high speed impact with a planet (Earth, in this case), is gonna stop him.  F Yeah!

4.  Raoul Duke’s Wild Ride (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas):  While running savage burns on Vegas hotels, having run-ins with Streisand obsessed artists, and fending off the insane bullish antics of his best friend Dr. Gonzo, Duke (alter ego of Hunter S. Thompson), manages to capture in a sort of poetry the mindset of a certain type of person at a certain, turbulent time in our history.  We never did find out how much the ape costs, though.

3.  Logan 5 Bashes Francis 6 With the Old Stars and Stripes (Logan’s Run):  In the ruins of our once great capital city, Logan 5 discovers the best of us.  But when his old buddy and fellow Sandman Francis 6 doesn’t understand, it’s time to grab a flag and get smashing.

Devastation or no, the Future is kind of awesome.

2.  Jack Burton’s Six Demon Bag Toast (Big Trouble in Little China):  May the wings of liberty never loose a feather.

1.  Eddie Valentine Don’t Take No Guff From No Nazi (The Rocketeer):  Oh, sure.  Valentine is a heartless criminal; a mobster who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  But when a poncey actor turns out to be a Nazi agent, his blood is up, and it’s red, white, and blue. 


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