Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fistful of Bacon! (Matt's Picks)

    Kevin Bacon’s birthday was yesterday, and we didn’t think it should go unnoticed by the world of Dorks.  He was the definition of cool when I was a little one, and while his career has been all over the place, perhaps down more often than up, he’s hung in there and managed to earn some real respect. 

5.  The Charming Villainy of Sebastian Shaw (X-Men: First Class):  I was hardly the biggest fan of the latest mutant overload, but Kevin Bacon was like a bolt of lightning, giving the movie a great deal of its energy.  Like a mutant Bond villain, he was a worthy adversary for Magneto and  Prof. X.

4.  The Everyman Morality of Tom Witzky (Stir of Echoes):  Yeah, it’s not a very good movie, but Bacon sells the heck out of his Joe Schmo character’s dilemmas.   He’s gonna find out who done that young girl wrong, and he doesn’t care what rocks he has to upturn.

3.  He Wants That Cab (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles):  If it weren’t for Kevin Bacon, none of Steve Martin’s mad adventure would have ever happened.  Don’t mess with Bacon.

2.  The “Oh, Crap!” Moments of Jack Swigert (Apollo 13):  Sometimes you just have a bad day.  From forgetting to file his taxes, to getting stuck in a deathtrap far out in space, things could have gone better.

1.  The Movie Poster for Qucksilver (Quicksilver):  When I was a kid, this poster hung in every video shop, from the mom & pop convenience store down the street to the two story job in the center of town.  As I grew up, this VHS was at every video shop.  Yet, like Lyle Alzado’s Destroyer (another ubiquitous poster), I never got around to seeing it.  But you rocked the 80s, street biking Bacon!


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