Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Release Tuesday (7/5/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (BLU):  This was definitely one of ITMOD's most anticipated films of 2011 and I really can't believe it's already out on DVD/Blu Ray.  It seems like I've been waiting years & years for this to finally be on my shelf--There It Is!  Right between blus of Hitman and Hot Tub Time Machine!  Matt & I had a rollicking good time with this at the West End Cinema last month and I even managed to snag a Blu from a sneaky Best Buy last week.  I've watched it sheepishly while doing chores a couple days ago and I'm planning to attack my wife with it later in the week.  And then I need to tackle the shotgun mode and the rest of the special features.  Anyway, if yer a fan of exploitation flicks like Street Trash or the Toxie franchise than you have to do yourself a favor with this purchase.  


13 Assassins:  Whereas Matt & I managed a theatrical outing with Hobo With A Shotgun, we missed seeing Takashi Miike's latest on the big screen.  Shame.  I've heard nothing but good things, and even though after burning out on Miike's The Great Yokai War and Sukiyaki Western Django, I am ready to return to his special brand of madness.  Just in time for Ninja Kids!

DAS BOOT (BLU):  Haven't watched this film since college and back then I don't think I was the film fan that I am today to properly appreciate it.  Looking forward to diving into the 209 minute Director's Cut.

HANNIE CAULDER (BLU):  The above photo is reason enough for this purchase.  I've never been much of a Raquel Welch fan, but she's hotter than the sun in this flick.  Do you need another reason to pick this up?  How 'bout Ernest Borgnine, Christopher Lee, Jack Elam, Robert Culp, and Strother Martin.  Some of the humor doesn't always work, but there's enough fun in that cast to warrant a purchase especially for all you Western fans out there.

OBLIVION:  I don't really like Full Moon flicks, but there are a few exceptions.  Oblvion is one of those.  Total cheeze with an incredibly weak leading man, but the Wishmaster himself Andrew Divoff relishes his brief screen time and Geroge Takai...yeah, George Takai man...he hams it up proper, "Jim...Beam Me Up."  When the mood is right Oblivion will satisfy.

TRAILERS FROM HELL VOLUME 2:  If you love movies than you should already be in love with Trailers From Hell.  I visit the site on an almost daily basis and I've been craving this DVD release since its announcement.  Thankfully, via Twitter and the Daily Grindhouse I scored a copy and it should be arriving on my doorstep any day now.  Aaaaaannnnnndddd, the other cool thing about this DVD besides the countless filmmakers rambling on about their favorite films & trailers is that it contains the original Little Shop of Horrors (and as the box says) for the first time in Anamorphic Widescreen!  That's pretty damn nifty.  Love that flick.


BLOODRAYNE THE THIRD REICH:  I must be a sadomasochist cuz I'm not splashing this awfulness on the Avoid! list.  After Postal, I swore never to watch another Uwe Boll film.  I hated, hated, hated, hated that movie.  But I also really enjoyed the first Bloodrayne film.  It was so crappy.  But wonderfully crappily miscast with Michael Madsen and Michelle Rodriguez and Meatloaf and Billy Zane.  I loved it so.  The second Bloodrayne plopped down in the Western genre with Zach Ward's vampiric Billy The Kid and was nowhere near as entertaining.  And I'm sure this one is gonna suck too.  But I gotta find out.  Nazi Doctor Clint Howard...damn you Boll.

WINNEBAGO MAN:  I've heard mixed responses regarding this documentary centered around viral video star Jack Rebney and the origin of his commercial meltdown.  Part of me feels that this will just be an exercise in squirming, horrible awkwardness but another part of me thinks that there could be something interested to be said about the You Tube world we all live in.  Not sure this is gonna tackle that though.


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