Friday, July 15, 2011

A Fistful of Scars! (Matt’s Picks)

    I’m not the Potter fan everyone else seems to be.  Frankly, the fifth movie kind of killed my enjoyment of the franchise, and I’ve not read or watched anything else after  I saw it.  I keep meaning to read the last book, but it’s fallen WAY down my pile of ‘to read.’   All that aside, one can hardly miss that the film event of the week is the final adventure of the young wizards.  In honor of that and the lightning bolt on Harry’s head, let’s have a list of some of our favorite scars.

5.  Doctor Evil’s Awesome Face Cut (Austin Powers):  He didn’t go to evil medical school to be called “Mr.”

4.  Milton Dammers’ Roadmap of Pain (The Frighteners):  With his frantic madness and little Hitler hair cut, you know this guy’s been through some…well, stuff.  But when he rips his shirt open, you see it written on his skin.  Yikes.

3.  Danny Trejo (Whatever He’s In):  The man has more bumps than the moon.  His face was made for the wonders of digital.  He’s like his own make-up effects team.  Beautiful. 

2.  Jack Goodman’s Meaty Chunks (An American Werewolf in London):  He gets progressively more disgusting as the film continues, but when he first shows up to torment our young, cursed hero, Jack is not looking so good.

1.  Marv’s Face (Sin City):  Marv has been living the life, in and our of prison, for a long time.  It leaves its marks on a man, both inside and out.  But hey, there was Goldie.  She said her name was Goldie.


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