Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Fistful of Scars! (Brad's Picks)

Everybody seems to love the little boy with the Lightning Bolt scar.  I think he's kinda cool.  And to celebrate that bit of kinda cool, ITMOD is running down its list of the great cinematic scars.

5.  La Chiffre's Weeping Eye (Casino Royale):  The obvious flesh wound choice from the James Bond franchise might be Blofeld's massive, hiddeous facial scar but I've gotta go with the subtle, short scar that drifts across Mads Mikkelsen's milky eye.  Plus, it sometimes weeps blood!  Neat-O!

4.  Peyton Westlake's Chemical Burns (Darkman):  Scientists should not mess with Larry Drake cuz he will dunk your ass in boiling chemicals!  And Larry Drake should make sure said naughty scientists are dead and not transformed into scarred, but pain-free mad bastards who scream for stuffed elephants!  Liam Neeson will mess you up right back.

3.  Toht's Scar of Ra (Raiders of the Lost Ark):  Oh, sharp dressed Nazi Henchman.  You were so excited to  get your hands on the Staff of Ra you didn't realize it was surrounded in flames.  But you got a souvenir and a pat on the back from your masters.  Too bad you should have burned the other half on your left hand.

2.  Debby's Two-Face (The Big Heat):  Gloria Grahame is absolutely amazing in Fritz Lang's The Big Heat (one of my new all-time favorite movies).  She's the beautiful, putupon moll to Lee Marvin's short tempered henchman.  When she squeaks the wrong line at the wrong time she gets a pot of coffee in the face.  And similar to the DC Comics villain, she's transformed into a monster of revenge and a complete badass herself.

1.  Quint's Removed Tattoo Scar:  Three men sit around a table spitting "war" stories back and forth.  Then Richard Dreyfuss' asks sailor Robert Shaw about the tiny scar on his arm.  What transpires is an epic real war story about the USS Indianapolis, the delivery of the A-Bomb, and a swarm of man-eating sharks.  Absolutely haunting.  Not only is this the best scene in the movie, it's also the greatest Storytelling moment in cinema.


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  1. Gloria Grahame is so sexy...even with half her face melted off.