Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Sky Full of Stars: Page 1

This starts the first full chapter of A Sky Full of Stars, the webcomic I wrote and S.A. McClung illustrated.  It was one of my first forays into comic style writing, so as you will see, it can be a bit wonky.  For example, the lead character comes off as an awful bitch in the first few pages, which was not intentional.  However, I learned a lot, not only on this project but on ProXy Fight (check it out at Warrior 27!), a comic I wrote around the same time, with Paul L. Petzrick on illustrations.

Chi and Sahr come out of the pages of a ...yes, yet unfinished novel (I'm still working on the denouement!!!).  I enjoyed them so much while writing that section of the book that when the opportunity came to develop a space opera comic came along, they were an obvious choice for me.  Here's hoping I can revisit them some time. 


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