Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dork Art: Mondo Celebrates The Oscars Again!

Similar to last year, Mondo will be launching three posters in conjunction with The Academy Awards.  My favorite is the mesmerizing Laurent Durieux print for The Master.  Stare into the abyss of Phillip Seymore Hoffman and it stares back - he's a Lovecraftian nightmare come to life!  It measures 24 x 36 and will set you back $55.  I'm guessing it will go on sale at some point during the Best Supporting Actor or Best Actor category Sunday night.  Follow Twitter closely.

The Paranorman print is the work of the artist DKNG.  It's limited to 245 copies and will run you $45.  Glad to see Mondo endorsing what is clearly the best film in the Animated Feature category.  Really got my fingers crossed for this Should-Be-Classic.

I most certainly cannot claim to be a fan of the film, but Olly Moss' Les Miserables print seems like a revelatory departure for the artist.  Not your typical simplistic beauty, it has much more of an illustrative flair.  ITMOD approved.  24 x 36 and running $50.  I'm guessing it goes on sale during the Best Original Song category.


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