Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trailer: Stolen

Trespass.  Seeking Justice.  Stolen.  Nic Cage has been suffering on the Direct-To-DVD market lately, and his super fans (like myself) have been suffering right there along side him.  I freaking loved last year's Drive Angry, and even found ways to enjoy Season of the Witch.  But Ghost Rider 2?  Even with Neveldine & Taylor, the thrill just wasn't there.  And Stolen looks to be on par with the mediocrity of Trespass & Seeking Justice.  Seriously, what's with the trailer narration?  That voice isn't even trying.    And as much as I love Cage & director Simon West's Con Air, this looks like a (really, really, really) poor man's Taken.  Stolen will play theatrically for just one day, September 14, and will quickly be forgotten on the home video front.

Still, it's got a great B-movie cast in Josh Lucas (he's trying to out Cage Cage here), Danny Huston, Malin Akkerman, and MC Gainey.  And I'll probably buy the blu like I did Tresspass, Seeking Justice, and every other freaking Cage movie that's ever existed.  Either I'm a masochist or just a really hopeful film fan.


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