Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What If? Joe Carnahan's Daredevil

Looks like Joe Carnahan's Daredevil project is dead.  And the below sizzle reel concocted by Carnahan for his version of The Man Without Fear makes me so dang sad.  Who knows if he could have pulled this off or not, but I love the Super Fly music and The Warriors "CAN YOU DIG IT?!" pronouncement.  My only hope is that Carnahan can take some of this 70s/80s grime and apply it to his Death Wish remake.  Or is that dead too?

So if Fox doesn't get a Daredevil film into production by October the rights of the character revert back to Marvel Studios.  And I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.  I don't want Daredevil hopping around The Avengers universe.  Why?  Cuz I don't want a superhero Daredevil.  I want a vigilante Daredevil.  And apparently I wanted a Joe Carnahan Daredevil.


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