Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arnold Knows What's Coming! The Last Stand Trailer

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back!  And he's old.  And I dig how he's playing his age as this small town sheriff with a bloody past going up against a vicious drug cartel.  From Kim Jee Woon, the director of the excellent The Good The Bad The Weird and the super creepy I Saw The Devil, The Last Stand will hopefully be an action packed, squib filled explosionfest worthy of the 80s action Icon.  As long as Hollywood doesn't pull Jee-Woon's punches I think we'll be okay.  But Asian directors have been known to be hogtied in the US of A.  We'll see how this all goes down in January, and I expect this trailer to play before The Expendables 2 this weekend.


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