Saturday, August 25, 2012

Deleted Scenes Reveal Crazy Cage Makeup!

Well, despite Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance not being the Cranked out insanity that I was hoping for from the madmen of movies, Neveldine & Taylor it was still a billion times better than the original Cage borefest.  And I really did love reading all the Nic Cage voodoo interviews he did just before the release of the film.  The man really does feel he's working in the same pond as Vincent Price & Christopher Lee...and I don't think he's too far off from that thought.  Frankly, I'd much rather see him tackle mondo genre fare like Ghost Rider & Drive Angry than snoozes like Seeking Justice & Stolen.

Anyway, below you'll find a couple of Deleted Scenes from the sequel that not only reveal a few plot snippets but Cage in that crazy facepaint, acting out the Demon on film.  Pretty cool.  Now, why were these bits not on the recent blu ray release?  I have no damn idea.


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