Thursday, August 9, 2012

So...What's The Deal With Deadpool?

IGN just released the above cover, announcing the Marvel Now relaunch of Deadpool #1, from the creative team of Brian Posehn, Gary Duggan, and artist Terry Moore.  Posehn is probably more known for his work with The Comedians of Comedy and his frequent appearances on Just Shoot Me, but he is not totally unfamiliar with the comic book scene.  He's worked on the Image Comics mini The Last Christmas with Duggan and anyone who's experienced his Stand-Up knows he's got an intimate knowledge of the medium.

But that's not the story for me.  Frankly, I just want to know what the hell is Deadpool's deal?  I remember the 90s.  I remember the New Mutants.  Cable.  And Rob Liefeld.  Back in the day he was just a crazy psycho killer with ties to Weapon X.  And then I got the hell outta comics.

The last time I bothered with Deadpool he was just a lameass joke.  But now it looks like the joke's on me and he's more popular and crazier than ever.  And I don't get it.  There's a Lady Deadpool?  A kid Deadpool?  A Zombie Deadpool?  A Dog Deadpool?  This is all supposed to be a hilarious lark but I just don't understand the appeal.

What's going on with this dude?  Should I be interested?  Deadpool is cool now?  He's biting satire mixed with kickass action?  Ok.  Sure.  I'll bite.  And I definitely dig that Godzilla-like beasty feasting on the cats of New York City and the ridiculous amounts of Geoff Darrow bullet casings rocketing from Deadpool's machine pistol.  That's some mondo gonzo stuff.

I'll pick up the Marvel Now book in November and judge for myself.  Still, I just can't shake the feeling that Deadpool is sooooo 90s lame and that this new incarnation is just a bunch of teenage fanboy fantasy.  But prove me wrong Posehn.


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