Sunday, January 27, 2013

"None of it Matters" - Harry Dean Stanton Gets Zen in Partly Fiction Trailer

At 86 years old, Harry Dean Stanton seems to be as busy as ever - The Last Stand, Seven Psychopaths,  The Avengers, Rango - you need a coot cameo, Harry Dean is your man.  But as satisfying as a paycheck can be, there was a time when I truly thrilled at the very idea of a Harry Dean Stanton performance.  Paris, Texas.  Repo Man.  Alien.  Escape From New York.  These are the staples that earned him his Dork Hero title.  And I'm so glad to see this Partly Fiction celebration of the man, and as the quotes say, it's about time.  Even if the man doesn't care what we all think of him.


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