Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dork Art: Mondo Nazgul

I'm not the hugest Lord of the Rings fan (that's the other Dork, Matt) and I've been kinda lukewarm on Mondo's recent Tolkein tributes, but the above Nazgul print is stunning.  Artist Matt Suftin conjures the horrors of Middle Earth beautifully and the below B&W variant is even more striking with it's Night of the Living Dead undertones.  The print is sized at the typical 24 x 36, the regular release will run $50, and the variant $75.  Artist Paolo Rivera also has a print titled "Precious Cargo," depicting Frodo & Samwise crawling up Mount Doom.  It's also $50 and measures 24 x 36.  All three go on sale tomorrow.  Good luck, cuz yer gonna need it.


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