Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Leave This Book Alone!" The Evil Dead Remake Trailer is S - C - A - R - Y

Is it me, or does the below red band trailer for the Evil Dead remake look freaking great?  I love, love, love the original film (well, I really dig the first film but it's part 2 and Army of Darkness that really owns my heart) and the initial idea of a remake filled me with all kinds of anxious anticipation.  But this bit of ultra violence shocked me in a way I didn't think possible from modern horror.  Granted, it's just a trailer and it's basically just showing off the gallons of gore that will be splashing all over the screen, and that most certainly does not make a good movie, but I gotta admit that I'm a helluva lot more intrigued now than I was a few moments ago.  Do Not Click If Yer Squeamish.

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