Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comic Review: Y: The Last Man Volume 3

    Things get pretty crazy in this volume, with lots of dreams and portents, redemptions and betrayals.  And so much more death.  But there’s also hope, with major progress being made in understanding what killed all the men, and why Yorick and Ampersand didn’t bleed out with the rest of ‘em.  Yorick is still looking for his lady love, but that seems to have become like most people’s religion, something to say when people ask, but otherwise, mostly forgotten.  In the meantime, the wall he’s built around himself seems to have a few holes in it.

    With Amazons, ninjas, pirates, and gun wielding cultists, 355 and Dr. Mann have a devil of a time keeping Yorick and his monkey breathing, as their odyssey takes them finally to California.  But it’s not over, and a trip across the pacific is in the cards.  And be it to forgiveness, romance, or death, the adventure drives everyone on.

    Guerra’s art remains solid, and I think continues to improve as the series progresses.  Yet, she still avoids cluttering pages with experimental or pointlessly stylistic panel design, generally saving flashy bits for dreams, flashbacks, and the like.  The writing does provide an opportunity for some pretty crazy stuff.

    Two years into the unmanned world, and nobody is quite the same.  Everyone has faced something, survived something, seen something that has changed them irrevocably.  Death, violence, depression, starvation, guilt, and the gauntlet of human suffering has broken even the stoutest heart.  Everyone’s armor is bent and broken.  The story of these wounded people can be difficult and challenging.  But, it’s also tinged with brightness, with beauty and humor.  And I can’t help but want things to turn out well for everyone.

    Of course, I’ve read this series before.

Y: The Last Man The Deluxe Edition Book Three
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Artists: Pia Guerra, etc.
Publisher: Vertigo
ISBN: 978-1-4012-2578-0


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