Monday, December 5, 2011

New Release Tuesday (12/6/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

COWBOYS AND ALIENS:  Jon Favreau's genre mashup seemed to garner a rather lukewarm (if not downright distaste) from critics and fans alike, but I thoroughly enjoyed this sci-fi cowboy picture.  And can you think of a better film that squishes these two cinematic moods?  Oblivion?  From Dusk Till Dawn III?  No.  And I mean, Daniel Craig's chiseled mug was made for Westerns and it's been too damn long since Harrison Ford was this grumpy grizzled.  The film does wrap things up a little too neatly, but it was one of the finer Summer Blockbusters (especially when compared to a heap of dung like Green Lantern).  I think this film will find some love on DVD; some kid twenty years from now is gonna watch this and loose his mind.


THE HANGOVER PART II:  I hate myself.  I didn't even particularly enjoy the first film and I hear this one is just more of the same, but this kinda garbage is what Netflix was meant for...base curiosity.

THE DEBT:  Matt saw this in theaters, but didn't bother to drag me along.  He gave it an "okay" and I'm guessing that's what I'll give it too.  I'm more interested in the modern, old guys story than the Sam Worthington adventures but I'm always more interested in elder heroes over young dumb ones.

THE LADY VANISHES (CRITERION BLU):  Here's a Hitchcock film I have yet to see.  Missed it on Criterion's first go around and even though I'm sure this blu is a solid blind buy I'm saving my pennies for Cowboys & Aliens.  Sorry Hitch.

TORA! TORA! TORA! (BLU):  I haven't watched Tora Tora Tora since middle school History Class.  I know at one point Kurosawa worked on the Japanese segments for a bit before he got fired/or quit.  I honestly don't remember if I liked it as a kid or not.  I'll give it a proper shot, but probably not for a while.


MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS:  Jim Carey and a bunch of CGI Penguins doing a bunch of dumb stuff only children hopped up on pixie sticks could possibly find funny.  No thank you.  And Jim Carrey?  You were fantastic in I Love You Phillip Morris so I know you still have some sense left in your brain...MAKE BETTER MOVIES!


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