Thursday, December 8, 2011

RIP Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson, creator of Batman's arch-nemesis the Joker (as well as Robin), has died this morning at the age of 89.  If you want a few more details, jump on over to Comic Book Resources for a nice little tribute article.  I had the opportunity to meet Robinson at the Baltimore Comic Con a few years ago, but chickened out when my dork nerves got the best of me.  Obviously, I regret that cowardice now.  If you want to understand Robinson's contribution to the medium than you should check out the book Jerry Robinson:  Ambassador of Comics.  You'll get a lot of great art inside including early Joker stuff, but some brilliant Jett Scott shorts and Atoman.

The Silent Classic, The Man Who Laughs was the inspiration for The Joker 

The First Image of The Joker

Jerry Robinson by Sikoryak


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