Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dork Art: Parker Hits Toronto

Just spotted this over at Almost Darwyn Cooke's Blog.  This original poster print will be available at TCAF this weekend, along with several special editions of Cooke's Parker comics.  The release party is meant as a preview for IDW's relaunch of the Richard Stark novels.  As much as I love the Graphic Novel adaptations, even a master like Cooke can't quite equal the succinct brutality of Donald Westlake's writing.  The Hunter remains one of the great works of crime fiction, and even though I love to see fanboys raving over the comics, it's frustrating to see so few of them bother with the original books.  The University of Chicago Press trade paperbacks are wonderful, but these gorgeously illustrated (again, by Cooke) hardcover novels from IDW will hopefully drag some of these geeks to the hardboiled prose.  If you can't make TCAF this weekend (like me & most of the world) the new Hunter hardcover will hit the shelves June 10th for 29.99.


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