Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Dreamlands Movie

    Readers of this blog know that both Brad and I are big fans of H.P. Lovecraft and his disciples.  But while Lovecraft is certainly known as the Father of Horror, the man who brought horror stories out of the Gothic, ghost haunted, tales of deviltry, and into the modern age of cosmic dread and alienation, few know that he also turned many a fanciful word in his day.  An avid fan of Lord Dunsany, among others, Lovecraft wrote many mysterious tales of fantastic lands, reached by particularly lucid dreamers.  His fantasy world was lyrical and strange, beautiful, but haunted.  Dangerous creatures lurked in the shadows of the forests, in underground caverns, and even on the dark side of the Moon.  It was a misty parallel of our own world, warped and magical.  For fans of the strange, of Tolkien, and of creepy tales of wonder, his dream stories are a must.

    And now, some ambitious and brave filmmakers are looking to tap into the other side of Lovecraft’s literary works, the Dreamlands.  The same folks who made the excellent adaptation of The Color Out of Space, Die Fabre, are trying to put together the money to film The Dreamlands.  And this just has to happen.  It has to.  It’s too cool not to.  So check out the fundraising sight (here).  If you’re in the States, you can buy Die Fabre at the HPLHS website (here, specifically here).


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