Friday, May 16, 2014

Just Another Guardians of the Galaxy Poster?

There is nothing really special about this new Guardians of the Galaxy poster other than the fact that it's a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY POSTER!!!!  Yeah, I'm still not over the excitement of seeing Rocket Raccoon on the big screen.  I'm just floored by the notion.  Last night, Matt, myself, and a bunch of other friends saw the new Godzilla film (Holy Cow! That Movie Was Good), and as we were chatting about the possibilities of the rest of the summer movies, we were debating Guardians's chances with mainstream audiences.  That seems to be the big question.  Will the muggles show up?  Personally, I think Marvel's brand is at such a point that it practically guarantees a number one on opening weekend?  But will it do Winter Soldier numbers?  Doubtful.  But it doesn't need to too.  I just don't want a flop; I want America to embrace the weirder realms of comics.  This morning I finished Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers 18 in which Black Panther addresses a pantheon of ancestral ghosts.  It's a beautiful moment, and a truly strange sequence that I am just dying to see adapted.  As I've said a dozen times before on this blog, a smashing success from Guardians of the Galaxy will equal a delightfully varied selection from future Marvel Studios films.  Please, give this one a chance on opening weekend.


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