Friday, May 2, 2014

A Fistful of Summer Anticipation 2014 (Matt’s Picks)

    This Summer, perhaps more than previous years, finds Brad and I in very, very close agreement on our movie hopes and dreams.  Maybe the order of excitement for movies is a bit different, but essentially, they’re the same.  Godzilla, Guardians, Apes…We’re pretty pumped.  So, Brad’s gonna handle the biggies, the blockbusters, that we're jazzed to check out.  He’s got it covered, and I support him on at least four out of the five.  I’m gonna take a look at some of the movies I’m looking forward to that aren’t being talked about as much.  A sequel to the awesome animated film How to Train Your Dragon?  Gritty ugly nastiness of The Rover?  Or the Rock in…well, whatever he’s got?  Take a look back at lists past here, here, and here.  And then look below for some of  my most anticipated films for Summer 2014.

5.  Snowpiercer:  So, we’re getting the real version of this film, right?  Not the Weinstein “Why do we keep picking up distribution rights for movies we seem dead-set on butchering?” cut?  If that’s the case, and it actually plays somewhere, I’m very interested in this science fiction weirdness.  The cast is crazy and the concept weird.  It’s based on a graphic novel I haven’t read yet (I do have a copy), that looks pretty wild.  I do have concerns because of the director (I know, I know...I just didn't like The Host), but I have hopes, too.  However it turns out, I want to see more movies like this, even if this one isn’t a great entry.

4.  The Immigrant:  Yup.  I’m a sucker for a grand, historic romance.  The English Patient and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are in my top ten of all time list, after all.  It’s not like there’s ever been a shortage of entries in this genre, but really, really good ones are rare.  Something about the trailer for The Immigrant got to me, made me feel like just maybe, this was going to be one of the very good ones.  So, here’s hoping.

3.  Jupiter Ascending:  Here’s the thing.  I love Bound.  I love The Matrix.  I really, really like the second and third Matrix film (yeah, they’re flawed, and yeah, I’d have taken them in a different direction if I’d been writing them…but I like ‘em).  I love (LOVE!!!) Speed Racer.  And I liked Cloud Atlas a lot (some parts I loved, some parts I enjoyed, and a few parts, I could have done without).  So, now the Wachowskis are back with a full blown, bugnuts crazy science fiction spectacle, and I’m all kinds of psyched to see it.  Maybe, just maybe, we are heading into the science fiction film renaissance I was ranting about a few years ago.  Sure, a lot of the sci-fi films of late have been lackluster (Avatar, Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness, etc.).  But a lot have been pretty good to great, too (Looper, Moon, Europa Report, etc.).  And if they make a lot, the chance for good ones will get better and better.  I’m iffy on the cast, and I don’t like that at least part of it takes place on contemporary Earth.  However, I’m happy as a pig in poop to see Wachowskis Unleashed.

2.  Tracks:  Since I was a lad, Australia has held a mysterious awe for me.  Perhaps, like Lawrence, I find the desert to be…clean.  I’ve been fascinated by its places and people.  I’ve imagined trips across it, I’ve imagined living there.  For years, every story I tried to write was set there, and I read everything I could about it.  To this day, there is something special, a place in the back of my mind, connected with this land I've never visited.  Whatever the case, its stark beauty, mixed with an adventure story (based on the real life adventure of Robyn Davidson) are key ingredients for what I hope to be a feast.  Jeremiah Johnson meets Walkabout?  I hope so.

1. (Edit: as of May 18, this film has been rated PG-13, and it slips from my #1 spot to my "I don't give a crap" spot.  I no longer have any interest in seeing this film.)  The Expendables 3:  You got a problem with that?

-Matthew J. Constantine

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