Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dork Art: Mondo Returns To Stark Trek

Wow.  I thought Mondo was done with the Star Trek license (their last collaboration was way back in August of 2012 with Todd Slater's The Corbomite Maneuver), but come tomorrow afternoon at some random time they'll be releasing not one, but TWO prints for rabid Trekkies everywhere.  My favorite is the above Matt Taylor print showcasing probably the most iconic Star Trek episode, "Arena."  It doesn't get much more entertaining than William Shatner vs The Gorn Captain, aka the second coolest rubber suited lizard man (even Trek must bow before Godzilla).  The Arena poster measures 20 x 36, is limited to 175 copies, and runs $45.  Good luck scoring one tomorrow; I fear I may have to buckle down and tackle the secondary market for this one.  The other print is from Kevin Dart and involves possibly one of my least favorite episodes, "What Are Little Girls Made Of." No matter how many stone dildos that ep features, I cannot get excited about Nurse Chapel's condescending tone.  The print measures 18 x 24, is limited to 175 copies (varient is 85 copies), and runs $40 (variant is $60).  Hopefully, this is just Mondo gearing up for a second wave of Trek goodies.  I'm still waiting on posters for The Search for Spock & The Final Frontier - come on, you know you want a Tyler Stout "Row Row Row Your Boat."


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