Monday, March 24, 2014

"All Those Years Wasted..." Latest X-Men Trailer Hits, Do We Care?

I recently watched Bryan Singer's original X-Men.  It certainly seems like the start of this new wave of Super Heroics we're battling these days, but other than that I found it to be incredibly sophomoric.  Of course, I was never much of a fan as I felt it just never captured the spirit of the characters.  Fanboy problems, ya know?  Hugh Jackman is dashing as all that, but is that what we really want out of Wolverine?  Apparently it is since we've gotten seven outings from the actor with no end in sight.  First Class is certainly my favorite in the series thanks to Fassbender & McAvoy, and the time travel story placing them alongside Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen is enticing.  But the only hope this film has of working is in relegating the majority of the cast to the sidelines.  Too many faces, not enough plot.  A concern we've expressed enough on ITMOD.  The new trailer out of the UK looks fun enough.  Fassbender & McAvoy still look like the best element.


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