Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Punisher's Dirty Laundry

Here's a cool news story I missed while off galavanting on the West Coast.  Former Punisher, Thomas Jane partnered up with other fanboy fave Ron Perlman for a short tribute film to the Marvel Comics psychopath.  The result is a strange little short film depicting Frank Castle beating the crap outta some random hoods.  And it's VIOLENT.  And filled with potty language.  So NSFW territory.  I think Jane looks great as The Punisher but I was not a fan of his interpretation.  John Travolta just Travoltaed it up a tad too much.  And Frank wasn't broken enough for me.  Personally, I'll take War Zone any day.  Or Dolph Lundgren's version.  Yeah, you heard me.  I want a psycho monster Frank Castle.  But this short film shows a Thomas Jane Punisher I could have totally gotten behind.

And I love seeing Thomas Jane flying his geek flag high and proud.  Remember, his Jonah Hex makeup test from a few years back?  That was similarly geeky cool.


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