Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dork Art: Dark Knight Rises Fan Art Obsessing!

I can't stop thinking about The Dark Knight Rises.  I've seen it three times now.  I went from liking the flick to loving it.  It's still my least favorite of the three and I still have issues with the last fifteen minutes of the film, but I can get over it.  Wish the internet would too.  Course, that's never going to happen.

But since seeing it again a few days ago in IMAX I've been trolling the internet for Dark Knight Dork Art and these are some of my favorite pieces I've found so far.  I haven't done this since last year's Drive, so that's gotta say something about my enthusiasm.  Given how crappy 2012 has been for movies, I expect to see Dark Knight Rises somewhere on my Best List.


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