Thursday, July 5, 2012

Marvel NOW!

Well here you go.  Marvel's response to DC's New 52. But they're telling us that Marvel NOW! is not a reboot, just a revamp.  All new #1s to help new readers jump on board the Marvel bandwagon.  But it's not happening all at once?  It's a five month roll-out?  Okay.  That's weird.  This will stem from the current Avengers vs X-Men event currently boring through the 616 universe and should be starting in October.  First thoughts:  I don't really mind.  This is the way of comics.  And if it does succeed the way The New 52 seemed to for DC than I'm all for bringing new readers to comics.

Also, check out Rocket Raccoon at the bottom.  He's got a gating gun.  That's amazingly cool.  And I really do hope we see the little fella in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie hitting theaters in 2014.  And we get Black Nick Fury in the Super Soldier outfit.  Iron Man's got his new getup.  Cyclops looks crazy.  We should apparently give a damn about Nova.  And Jean Grey is back....again.

According to Newsarama, the books to launch Marvel NOW will be Uncanny Avengers from writer Rick Remender & artist John Cassady, All New X-Men by writer Brian Michael Bendis & artist Stuart Immonen, the bi-weekly Avengers by writer Jonathan Hickman & artist Jerome Opena,  and New Avengers by writer Jonathan Hickman & artist Steve Epting.


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