Friday, June 8, 2012

Christa Faust's New Book

Several years ago, I stumbled across author Christa Faust somewhere out there in the internet.  I think it might have been on MySpace or some such.  Anyway, I enjoyed the heck out of her blog posts, be they about her dog, or writing, or various fetish related stuff.  Now, I know my way around fetishes about as well as I do a car engine (ask my bicycle about that), but she always manages to make subjects, even those I don't know or care about, enjoyable to read.  And not long after, I was glad to see that she would be the first woman published on the Hard Case Crime label.  Normally I only purchased their reprints of older hard boiled stuff, but I couldn't resist Faust.  Thank goodness, as I enjoyed the heck out of Money Shot.

I've since enjoyed several of her other novels and stories.  Hoodtown was a great deal of fun, and a must for anyone with an e-reader.  However, since I returned the Nook I read it on to co-Dork Brad, I haven't had a chance to read her new e-book, Butch Fatale (hope to remedy that soon), but I trust it'll be a good read.  That brings me to her recently announced followup on Kickstarter (see details here).  I'm kind of fascinated by this whole Kickstarter thing which I first discovered through the Womanthology comic anthology.

I'm giving serious thought to doing the 50 dollar pledge.  I love the idea of getting an 'Ace Double' style copy of the two novels.  No, I'm not against e-books.  Not at all.  But I am a book person.  I like the actual physical thing.  I like the way it feels, the way it smells, the way it looks on a shelf.  And I guess as a 'struggling' 'author,' I see a certain potential in something like Kickstarter for my own work.  So for those looking to support authors in a more direct way, give it a go.  And if you haven't read Ms. Faust's stuff, do yourself a favor.  Get on it.


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