Friday, June 22, 2012

Dork Art? AvX W....T...F...?

Ok.  Granted.  After being burned on a series of mediocre to terrible Marvel Event books like House of M, Secret Invasion, and Fear Itself I vowed to stay away from the big crossover titles like Avengers vs. X-Men.  So I cannot really talk about the quality of this current series--BUT!  What the hell is going on over there at Marvel.  On the cover for this Variant edition of Issue 8, it appears that the Phoenix Force has taken hold of a few key players and decked them out in some rather lame outfits.  What in the world is Colossus wearing?  This is some seriously floating stupid.  But tell me I'm wrong.  Tell me that AvX is the best Crossover book to ever hit the stands.  I dare you.


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