Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Behind The Scenes: The Dark Knight Returns

Well, last year DC Animation tackled Frank Miller's Batman - Year One and now they're undertaking probably the most beloved comic in fandom, The Dark Knight Returns ('s a toss up between this and Watchmen).  Honestly, I kinda hated the Year One adaptation but that also stems from my lukewarm reaction to the original book.  But I LOVE The Dark Knight Returns.  LOVE IT.  And I want to love this new film.  I dig that they're breaking it up into two parts (Part 1 to be released this fall and Part 2 will be out early next year).  But what's really exciting is the casting of Buck Banzai himself, Peter Weller as Old Man Bruce Wayne.  That is perfect.  My only wish is that both parts were coming out together cuz it's gonna be hard to wait for that climactic super hero showdown in Part 2.

Anyway, this below behind the scenes video comes from this week's DVD release of Superman vs The Elite.  Just glimpses of the animation, but it looks pretty pretty pretty good.


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