Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dork Art: Mondo & Struzan's The Thing

This was a bit of a surprise.  We all knew that Mondo was going to have something special for their Summer of 82 screening of John Carpenter's The Thing.  And we were all hoping that they would team up with iconic illustrator Drew Struzan again.  But who could have guess that they would both come together for this classic monster mash, and that they would be releasing a new screen print of Struzan's original iconic poster minus all the noisy text.  

So damn cool.  I really would love to score this but it's got a hefty price tag of $250 ($350 for the glow in the dark variant) and once it goes live on their site it's going to be nearly impossible to snag a copy. premiered the poster above and they have a pretty great interview with the artist up on their site.  Check it out.


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