Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Release Tuesday (10/4/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

JACKIE BROWN (BLU):  Here it is.  Finally.  My favorite QT film on Blu Ray.  Maybe not as indie cool as Pulp Fiction fanatics were hoping for in a follow-up, but for my money Jackie Brown is withoutadoubt the best crime tale of the 1990s.  The best adaptation of Elmore Leonard (sorry Out of Sight fans), a frightening and tense saga of Pam Grier's struggle to get out from under the clutches of Sam Jackson's monstrous gunrunner as well as the oh-so needy Michael Keaton/Michael Bowen G-Men.  And it also happens to be the last time Robert De Niro gave an out-and-out brillinat performance as the well-past-his-prime Lewis, a depressing sad sack.  So far I've heard good things about the transfer.


PULP FICTION (BLU):  Another flick that has taken far too long to hit blu ray.  I vividly remember watching this movie for the first time in the theater with my father.  I had already seen Reservoir Dogs on VHS and thought QT was God's gift to cinema.  My Dad hated, hated, hated this movie.  I just remember Bruce Willis kicking down that pawn shop door, samurai sword ready to strike and my dad let out the biggest grown of disgust.  And I was in love.  Probably my favorite anthology film, I recently showed Pulp Fiction to my wife for the first time and she seemed to like it okay (her fave QT flick is still Kill Bill).  Me, it's all about Bruce Willis' boxer.

FAST FIVE:  This is a franchise I'm constantly amazed that I enjoy.  Big Dumb Fun.  And Fast Five is definitely the most ridiculous and the best of the bunch.  The Rock's inclusion doesn't quite reach it's full potential but I have high hopes for the upcoming sixth installment.  Crash, Boom, Bang.  So sue me.

DEAD ALIVE (BLU):  I have not watched this in a very long time.  Too long.  I remember the lawn mower.  I remember the baby.  I remember "I Kick Ass For The Lord."  And I remember the blood.  But I need to see this again.  And it's October and we all need more gore in our lives, right?  I wonder if Peter Jackson will ever return to this style of splatstick.  He's said he's got an idea for one in his noggin, but I have some serious doubts.


SCREAM 4:  I like the Scream films okay.  The first and second one are a lot of fun and if you squint real hard you might find some redeeming value to the third film.  But this fourth entry is so predictable and uninventive.  It goes where you think it goes.  The well has run dry.  I'd really love for Wes Craven to come back and knock one out of the park but after this and My Soul To Take I just don't know if that's still possible.

SUBMARINE:  I really don't know much about this movie other than the trailer below and that it's directed by Richard Ayoade who plays Moss in The IT Crowd.  And I love The IT Crowd and I love Moss.  That's worth the Netflix.

Book of The Week!

SHATNER RULES:  Oh yeah, I've only been waiting a year or so for this tome of Shatnerawesomeness.  I'm gonna run out right now and score me a copy, start reading immediately.  I loved Up Till Now and if this is half as good as that than I'll be one happy Trekkie.  Granted, I'm a mad Shat Attacker who cannot properly articulate his love for The Man.


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