Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Release Tuesday (10/25/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

ATTACK THE BLOCK:  My favorite film of the summer (and possibly the year) hits the street today and even though this flick is in some serious danger of Over Hype I can't help but gush more fanboy love upon it.  It takes the best parts of kids wish fulfillment flicks like The Goonies & The Montster Squad, adds some hip British flavor, and drowns the score with some choice John Carpenter beats.  An absolute good time at the movies with some of the best New Monsters to come down the pipe in quite some time.  #Trust #Believe #Blockhead


CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER:  Okay, so the last third of this movie really drives me bugnuts but the first two thirds of the movie are absolutely thrilling.  Chris Evans is spot-on as Cap and I really can't wait to blitz through the Marvel Studios movies leading up to The Avengers next year.  We Dorks live in a beautiful time.  Still, Needs More Nazis.

JURASSIC PARK TRILOGY (BLU):  It feels like it's been forever since I watched Spielberg's CGI tentpole extravaganza and I'm ready to gaze back in wonder.  I hate, hate, hate the second film but I enjoyed Joe Johnston's third film enough to reccomend.  But really this blu ray release is all about the original and Sam Jackson telling you to "Hold On To Your Butts."  However, as I type this I'm watching the new blu.  Gotta say that there's a little too much digital noise for my taste.  Not noticeable in all the scenes but in some it's rather annoying.

ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (CRITERION BLU):  I think I saw this a long time ago, but if I did it was a really crappy print and I remember nothing about it.  Quite excited to see this Criterion release of one of the earliest HG Wells adaptations.  Plus, The Panther Woman!

ZOMBIE (BLU):  Such an important movie to my High School Self.  This and Gates of Hell (aka City of the Living Dead) introduced me to the splattery world of Italian Horror (and foreign films in general).  Lucio Fulci's not-really-sequel to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead is all kinds of ridiculous (Zombie Vs Shark!) but it's a hoot of exploitation.

HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (BLU):  I've only seen this the once.  I don't remember it being as mondo bizzaro as some of Fulci's other flicks but I do remember my friends and I cracking up at the villainous Dr. Freudenstein.  In some ways I'm more excited about this blu ray release than Zombie just to experience something semi-new to my gorehound heart.  I'm definitely in that Horror Feast kinda mood this month.

THE CONVERSATION (BLU):  I heart Gene Hackman.  If you twist my arm I might even tell you he's my favorite actor.  And The Conversation is essential Hackman viewing.  Francis Ford Coppola crafted a taught slow burn of bit of paranoia that definitely deserves a place next to The Godfather and Apocalypse Now.  Not enough folks talk about this film anymore it seems and that's a damn shame.  

RARE EXPORTS A CHRISTMAS TALE:  The story of demonic Santas wreaking havoc across Finland is not only hilarious in its absurdity it's also rather effective as a horror tale.  Rare Exports definitely eats its cake and has it too and if you missed it in the art houses than you definitely owe it to yourself to grab the blu ray.  

ROGER CORMAN CULT CLASSICS LETHAL LADIES COLLECTION:  I love TNT Jackson.  It's simple, cheesy blaxploitation fun.  Never seen Firecracker but the trailer below definitely gets my Corman Dork Heart thumping.  And I hear Too Hot To Handle is only so-so.  That being said, Shout Factory rarely disappoints with its Roger Corman Cult Classics line and I'm willing to drop the cash for each one of their releases.


FACES IN THE CROWD:  Milla Jovovich develops facial blindness after she survives an attack from serial killer Tearjerk Jack.  I'm gonna go ahead and guess this films sucks, but I have a soft spot for Jovovich and I'll give it a spin in the player.


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