Monday, October 3, 2011

A Fistful of Horrific Death! (Brad's Picks)

For the month of October, we here at ITMOD are going to be dishing out Horror themed Fistful Fridays (yes, I know it's Moday.  We're gonna get back on schedule here).  First up, we're celebrating our favorite Horror Film Deaths.  And as much as I would love to show off some obscure selections I gotta be honest and go with the classics.

5.  The Head Pop (Scanners):  Stare into the void that is the gif below, gaze upon it's beauty.  Gross.  Scanners may be far from my favorite Cronenberg flick (Videodrome!  The Fly!  Eastern Promises!  So hard to choose) but you gotta bow down to that Head Pop gore effect.  Go Ironside Go!

4.  The Splinter (Zombie):  This pseudo-sequel to Dawn of the Dead was my first incursion into the brutality of Italian Giallo and I was never quite the same.  But to choose one death from this gore fest is quite tough; I had to fight the dramatic urge to choose the infamous Zombie vs. Shark sequence.  But The Splinter bit is easily the most (honestly) terrifying moment from the film.  Suspense stretched to ridiculous lengths as one of the island zombies slllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy drags the unfortunate maiden to her splintery doom.  Fulci definitely separates the men from the boys.

3.  The Chestburster (Alien):  Forget Rosemary's Baby, the scariest birth in cinematic history belongs to the Xenomorph bursting forth from Space Trucker Cain's chest as the crew of the Nostromo attempt to chow down on their evening meal.  I wish I could experience this for the first time every time.  I originally saw this flick when I was 11 or 12.  It was traumatizing.  Scary, scary, scary.  But it was also AWEsome.  Having now seen the film 50 times or so the AWE has dwindled a touch, but the effect is still astonishing and quite unsettling 

2.  The Jaws of Death (Jaws):  Robert Shaw's Quint has seen and survived the horrors of war, and he's developed quite a chip on his shoulder as a result.  But when he comes face to face with The Great White even the ultimate Man's Man will succumb to nature's Jaws of Death.  This was the first Death on Screen that really shook me up as a kid.  It was like watching my grandfather meet his teethy fate.  Hard to wrap my child's brain around such a horror.

1.  The Chest Mouth (The Thing):  My all time favorite straight-up, scary as hell Monster Movie.  And it's intro via Norris' not quite heat attack is still as effectively horrifying today as it was in 1982.  Rob Bottin's mastery of visual effects is the stuff of cinematic legend and deserves to be hung on a wall next to your favorite Picassos.  I'm thinking you're going to be seeing a lot of The Thing in these upcoming Fistful Fridays.  Prepare yourself.


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