Monday, October 17, 2011

A Fistful of Slasher Sequels! (Brad's Picks)

We're 17 days into October and I've kept up with my promise to watch one horror flick a day (I'm at 23 films so far), but I have yet to delve into any of the iconic slasher films.  And I'm not so sure I'm going to either.  Really did all those last year, and to be honest, I'm not a super fan for the Jasons and Leatherfaces out there.  Those flicks have their moments but I also tend to like the really weird entries in those franchises rather than the originals.  Example:

5.  Psycho II:  This film was kinda doomed from the start.  HOW DARE YOU! do a sequel to the granddaddy of all slasher films!  And yeah, it's not as good as Hitch's original.  But, I think Anthony Perkins gives a damn good performance as the recently released Norman Bates and the script does a bang up job of sticking you inside Norman's sad, twisted brain.  The gore gets kicked up a bit and there are some decent scares.  Worth a second watch for all you haters out there.

4.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Next Generation:  Okay, this is a terrible film.  A terrible film.  But dammit, I just love Matthew McConaughey's ridiculous hitchhiker character; he cranks it up to Spinal Tap 11 screaming and hollering and it's a damn hoot.  The stuff with the mechanical leg just cracks me up.

3.  Freddy's Dead  The Final Nightmare:  This was the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie that I ever saw.  And that's probably why it's on this list.  I loved Freddy from the moment he strapped on the Power Glove and innagaddadavidaed Breckin Meyer to his demise.  And it's in 3D (partially) and we all love that now right?!?!?!

2.  Jason X: This is the movie that taught me how to love bad movies.  Saw it 5 times in the theater, no joke.  10 films into the franchise, but the second film under New Line's watch.  Some bright executive finally came to the idea of launching everyone's favorite goalie into space.  Utterly silly, but totally enjoyable.  The Holodeck slutty camp counselors is classic, but you also gotta love KM's android asskicker and her replaceable nipples.  Dig this upgrade and if you gave me the keys to the kingdom I would easily write Jason X Part II (which they actually did with a couple of whacked novelizations)

1.  Halloween III Season of the Witch:  I enjoy John Carpenter's first film, but Michael Myers is easily my least favorite of the slashers.  He's got a white mask, he tilts his head, he stabs things.  Okay, Jason's the same way but at least the Friday films are so damn tounge in cheek whereas the Halloweens take themselves soooo seriously and are absolutely stale by the second film.  I really, really, really wish that Halloween III had been a success cuz this could have been a rather interesting anthology series instead of same ol' same ol' year after year.  If you want to read why Halloween III is so much fun than you should jump on over to cineAWESOME! and read my Tom Atkins double feature.


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