Friday, September 5, 2014

A Fistful of Fall Anticipation 2014! (Matt’s Picks)

    It’s that time of year again.  Heading into the final stretch, we look at the movies we’re most looking forward to in the final months of the year.  Without too much preamble, here are mine:

5.  Interstellar:  I feel very weird about this film.  On the one hand, it’s absolutely the kind of thing I should love.  On the other, from the first trailer, I simply haven’t been able to work up any particular interest.  Something rings hollow, and I can’t say what.  So, I’m hoping it’ll be the movie I want it to be and not the movie I kinda think it’s gonna be.

4.  A Walk Among the Tombstones:  Liam Neeson.  Liam Neeson being mean to people…with his fists.  I’m there.

3.  The BoxTrolls:  This, along with Big Hero 6 and The Book of Life make the family film market look pretty good.  The BoxTrolls looks like a good mix of cute and weird, with family friendly, but not condescending humor.  Hopefully, it lives up.

2.  The Zero Theorem:   Terry Gilliam continues his sometimes depressing but often exhilarating quest to slap mainstream movies in the face.  I love Gilliam's work, and I always hope he'll pull out a victory over the cosmic opposition he always seems to be up against.

1.  Tracks:  Seriously.  I want to see this movie.  It was supposed to come out at the beginning of the Summer, then just before being released…disappeared from schedules.  Months later, it showed up again with a September release date.  So, fingers crossed it’ll actually hit the screen this time ‘round.

     Hopefully, half my movies won't get delayed again.  That would be swell.  Honestly, I'm not too jazzed, going into the Fall.  There are a few other films I do want to see, but few I expect to be super-thrilled by.  Still, this year has been pretty darned good, and you never know what'll cap a year like this.  Heck, I'd never heard of The Artist a few weeks before it became one of my favorite films of 2011.

-Matthew J. Constantine

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