Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dork Art: Cinerama Star Trek

This week Star Trek celebrated its 48th birthday.  I've seen a lot of the usual LOVE thrown around online (why not, it's the most influential show ever, right?), but nothing as nifty as what Nick Acosta has accomplished here.  The concept artist snatched several HD screencaps from Trekcore, and morphed the original 4x3 TV ratio into Cinerama - the epic frontier the show so rightfully deserves.  In the modern era of widescreen television sets it can sometimes be distracting to watch the old box frame.  One of the worst DVD atrocities I've encountered was the Anchor Bay Evil Dead box frame stretching done a few years back - don't muck about with ratios cuz you just can't unboil the spaghetti!  However, seeing these gorgeous Cinerama stills, I can't help but dream of a universe where William Shatner got a little extra room to Kirk Fu.  These are beautiful, and true Trekkie wonders.  I love the internet.  Thank you, Nick Acosta.


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