Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vincent Price: American Icon

    Growing up, one of my very favorite people to see on the TV was Vincent Price.  Be it an old Poe-themed horror movie on The Great Money Movie or hosting Mystery on PBS, he was a familiar old storyteller who gleefully delighted my childhood hunger for the gently subversive, sinister, and macabre.  As I watched more and more movies, exploring his body of work and read about the him, I found a man of great talent, charm, and class.  His movies, his cook books, his art collection; he was a Renaissance man and yes, and American icon.

    There is now a petition to put Price’s face on a US postage stamp.  A piece of history, an indelible piece of America.  So, go over * here * and sign the petition to get his image on a stamp.  It’s just a little thing, just a token hat nod to someone who gave me and so many others so much joy.


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