Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"God Help Us All!" - Godzilla & Friends Send Us Back To The Stone Age!

Speaking of remakes...

I am seriously loving these Godzilla trailers being concocted by the good folks over at Legendary Pictures.  Focusing on the real world devastation, as well as Gareth Edwards's Christopher Nolan styled approach to Kaiju Horror rather than the beast itself.  We get glimpses of Godzilla (plus other big bad monsters), but just enough to tease without spoiling the effect.  I'm done with the marketing from this point forward.  I want to go into this Monster Epic with as little knowledge of the creatures as possible. Time to start closing eyes in theaters.  I'm committed (in more ways than one).  OH!  And I am sooooo happy that they've kept the H-Bomb horror.  Dare to dream folks, this Godzilla might be the real deal.


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