Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EW Cover Story - Jaime Foxx's Skin Condition!

Friday's Entertainment Weekly is the big Comic Con Preview issue, and nothing sells a dying medium better than Super Hero Movies!  That right there is the official first image of Jaime Foxx in full-on Electro mode.  And it still looks stupid.  But golly, I am flabbergasted that we're getting an Electro/Rhino teamup next year.....Guardians of the Galaxy.....Ant-Man......Dr. Strange....does anyone else feel like the bubble is gonna burst at any moment?  The Golden Age of Geekdom will soon explode and we'll return to The Land of the Jocks once more?  I hope not, but there are a lot of wild comic book ideas heading to the mainstream and I'm not sure they're as willing as we may think.

Also, does anyone else think that Foxx looks like a Reaper from Blade 2?


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