Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dork Art: Pacific Rim Owns The Internet

Tomorrow is the big day.  It's been five years since the last film from Guillermo Del Toro.  I was not a Hellboy II fan.  As an ubergeek of the comic, I found the Del Toro tone not quite right for the material. Looked great, but just not what I wanted.  But big robots vs. big monsters?  Robot Jox - The Blockbuster?  Hell yeah!  Can't go wrong, right?  Gosh, I sure hope not.  I've got my Alamo tickets already lined up; I'm pumped to bask in the Kaiju destruction.  And it certainly doesn't seem like I'm the only one.  The marketing machine is working in overdrive.  I can't click on a site without some sort of Pacific Rim imagery hurling at me.  Of course, my favorite bits of dorkery are the band posters - the blueblood Mondo prints are belting out their siren song, "Buy Me Brad, Buy Me..."

At the tippy top is Kevin Tong's 24 x 36 soon-to-be classic battle between Gypsy Danger & Leatherback.  It's a real beauty, but Ash Thorp's duel posters featuring the same clash of the titans seen just above this paragraph are the real winners.  I'll crush many a nerd to get my hands on those.  Just below is Per Colorway's rorshach image.  Nice & clever, but Thorps colors refuse to be ignored.  All three prints will be on sale next week at the San Diego Comic Con.  If last year was any indication, I have no chance in hell of scoring one, but that doesn't mean I won't give it the good ol' college try.

Also landing online today is the below highlight reel from Sideshow Toys revealing a couple of killer Statues.  These might be a little easier to acquire than a Mondo print, but they'll set you back several hundred dollars nonetheless.  Just appreciate them from afar folks.  They make for nice jpegs.

And finally, Odd City Entertainment has unveiled the next artist in their Pacific Rim line...Graham Erwin.  I dig it.  Focusing on the Jaegers, Erwin's print will certainly be easier to obtain than those pricey Mondos...but I wouldn't twiddle my thumbs either.  The below poster measures 36 x 12, and will cost you 50 bucks.  It goes on sale tomorrow at the Odd City website.


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