Monday, July 15, 2013

All You Need Is Retitled!

Tom Cruise's badass looking mech suit movie, All You Need Is Kill has been quickly retitled for Comic Con to the painfully banal Edge of Tomorrow.  Is this a good idea?  Hollywood is obviously afraid of the grammatically bizarre handle, but I think it was just strange enough to put butts in the seats.  Cruise is a questionable commodity these days (similar to Johnny Depp); where once there was name recognition, Cruise's celebrity is no longer enough to bring the crowds to the big screen.  For me, fan of Cruise or not, the below image of The Great One in a mech suit running from a giant wall of fire is plenty reason to put butt in chair.  And I love the crazy of the "All You Need Is Kill" title.  Edge of Tomorrow?  That sounds like a lameass Disney side attraction.  They better bring it to San Diego, but whatever your brain surmises in Hall H means nothing come game day.


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